Welcome to Rasmusic!


I am Rasmus Klockljung from Stockholm, Sweden, and I’m a musician, a music critic for Lira music magazine, and most of all a huge music fan for 20+ years.
At Rasmusic I present my favorite artists from around the world, with no geographical, temporal or genre boundaries. 

If I would describe my taste in music in on word, it would definitely be ”eclectic”. During my two decades as a musician, I have played klezmer, extreme metal, folk/traditional music from Sweden, Turkey, the Balkans, France and many other regions, medieval music, free improvisation, Chilean folk songs, funk, folk pop, jazz, punk, singer/songwriter tunes, heavy blues rock, and much more.

At Rasmusic, you will find most of the above, as well as baroque and black metal, gnawa and big band jazz, solo percussion and progressive rock, and tons of other music.
Again, ”eclectic” is the keyword, and I tend to enjoy artists who do not stick to one genre.

Rasmusic will introduce you to music that you had no idea that you liked, or did not even know existed.


Are you a musician and want your music to be featured at Rasmusic?

I will listen to all music that is sent to me, and if I like it I might write a post about it. Send an email to rasmusic (a) rasmusic (.) net for further details.



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