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The cover series

The cover series: Pink Floyd mandolin covers

Have you ever been wondering what the songs of the legendary Pink Floyd aldum Dark side of the moon would sound like if they were played by a mandolin trio? Of course youe have! And now here is the answer, as Fausto Mesolella and two companions have arranged some of the songs for this rather unusual instrumentation.

Publicerat av Fausto Mesolella den 29 januari 2016

The cover series: First Aid Kit & Black Sabbath

The early Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands of all time. I started listening to them when I was about 14, and many of those songs are still absolutely amazing. I am, of course, not the only one to think so, since practically the entire metal genre is based on what Black Sabbath created more than 40 years ago. Several of their songs have been covered by countless metal bands, resulting in the tunes becoming extremely worn out. Therefore it is very refreshing to hear artists from completely different genres do their take on these great songs.


In the last few years, First Aid Kit from my home town Stockholm has become one of Sweden’s biggest bands, selling loads of records and touring heavily in Europe, North America and Australia. Their country pop with their trademark vocal harmonies is miles away from heavy metal, but occasionally, in tunes like The lion’s roar and Wolf, they show that there is also a rockier side to them. Still, it was quite a surprise when First Aid Kit added one of Black Sabbath’s most covered songs, War pigs, to their setlist on their festival shows in the summer of 2015. They actually do not just a good version but a really great one, and rock out quite hard!


The cover series: The Unthanks & King Crimson

Playing a cover song is not as easy as one might think, at least not if it’s to be done well. Many bands try to sound as identical to the original artist as they can, and to me this is usually quite pointless. To make a cover interesting in my opinion, you have to add your own character to the song, not try to be a jukebox. In many cases this happens when artists cover a song from a totally different genre than they usually play.

This post introduces The cover series, where I present artists who do precisely this.
British sisters Becky and Rachel Unthanks, vocalists of The Unthanks, have their roots in English folk singing, and use that as the foundation for their music as it expands in different directions. Their rendition of one of King Crimson‘s most wonderful tracks, Starless, is utterly beautiful and haunting, with piano and a string quartet providing the accompaniment for the vocals and trumpet.



Below is King Crimson’s original song.