In 1995, just as I was beginning to get into black metal, I bought a compilation album called Blackened which featured practically all of the leading black metal bands at the time. Many of them were of course from Norway, and one of those stood out from the rest in that they had already on their debut album HEart of the ages expanded the borders of the genre way beyond pretty much every other band. They used almost only clean (and absolutely great) singing, and also keyboards which made for a very atmospheric music. The band was called In The Woods… and naturally I soon bought their record, which still to this day is one of my favorite albums of all time. I will write a separate blog post about it later, but today I am extremely happy to present the brand new In The Woods… record, Pure!

The band split up in the year 2000, after putting out three albums and a series of vinyl singles of cover tunes. In 2014, the core trio of drummer Anders Kobro  and twin brothers Christopher and Christian Botteri on bass and guitar respectively announced that In the Woods… would reunite. Now featuring British/Irish vocalist James Fogarty they have been doing live shows throughout 2016, and now in September the new album Pure is released. You can listen to the full album right here on Rasmusic!



The record label put it online a few days ago and I have been listening to it over and over. It’s certainly has that very obvious In The Woods… sound, and it’s a lot more metal than their last album before the split, Strange in stereo. It is indeed an excellent record, and I love the fact that track 7, Towards the black surreal, includes a vocal melody from the opening track of the band’s debut album, as a kind of nod to their past. Fogarty often sounds eerily similar to the band’s old singer Jan Kenneth Transeth, their voices are so alike that it’s quite astonishing.

Below is a 20 minute interview from a few weeks ago where the band talks about the new album and why they decided to reunite after so many years.