The world of percussion instruments is neverending and full of contrasts and diversity. Instruments range from tiny shakers and bells to huge drums and marimbas, from simple objects like stones or kitchen bowls to highly sophisticately constructed drum kits. Even the seemingly simple tambourine exists in numerous versions around the world, and many of these are vital in both folk and classical musics.
Two of the greatest performers on different types of tambourine-related instruments are featured here. Andrea Piccioni from Italy is a master of the tamburello and is also the composer of this piece. Glen Velez from the United States is pretty much the founder of contemporary frame drumming. He plays many different instruments and has created new styles and playing techniques as well as fused together those of various traditional frame drums and tambourines to make something new. Here he plays the Arabic/Middle Eastern riqq.
The performance is from the percussion festival Tamburi Mundi in Germany in 2015.