When I first started listening to music in the early 1990’s, I was heavily into metal (and still am). In 1994 or ’95 I bought a double compilation CD featuring one track each by many of the most significant black metal bands of that period. This was a genre that I was just beginning to discover, and I found several great bands through that compilation, some of which will be featured here on Rasmusic later on.

One track stood out from the others a lot, since it was an instrumental piece, and it ended with a music box playing. The tune is called The Dark, the band was Samael, and I soon purchased the three records they had released at that time. I still consider the third one, Ceremony of opposites, to be one of the best metal albums ever.

In 1997 Samael played their first concert in my hometown Stockholm, but as I was not yet 18 years old I could not go, which of course made me hugely disappointed. So much so that when I learned, about a  month later, that Samael would be playing at the Dynamo open air festival in the Netherlands that spring, I decided to go there to see them. And I did! I had never been to a festival before, but I travelled alone for about 20 hours by train to get to Eindhoven and this gigantic festival with probably 80.000 or so visitors. It might have been crazy to do it, but I had a great time and went to many fantastic concerts. This tells you a little bit about how much I was into this band…


Samael are still active, almost 30 years into their career, and this year they have been performing Ceremony of opposites live in its entirety. The excellent show in this video is from Hellfest in France.